FIS SunGard Investran named 'Software Provider of the Year'

From the press release:
"SunGard has been named Software Provider of the Year by Private Equity News, for the third consecutive year, at its annual Awards for Excellence in Advisory Services."

Posted: 21 November, 2011
FIS SunGard Investran white paper 'Automating the Family Office'

From the white paper:
" ... technology companies like SunGard Investran can outfit family offices with a standardized offering featuring a template model and family office specific database. These sophisticated, tailored solutions are capable of giving clients the level of transparency and reporting and accounting detail needed to stay on track in today’s intricate marketplace."

Read the white paper here

Posted: 07 November, 2011
FIS SunGard Investran white paper on FATCA

From the white paper:
"As the alternative-investment industry becomes increasingly institutionalized, managers have been compelled to seek solutions that can provide investors with far more accurate and timely data, and the current round of regulatory reforms will likely accelerate this trend even further. Solutions firms that plan accordingly will be poised to deliver the critical due-diligence services that clients need to remain fearless in the face of FATCA."

Read the white paper here

Posted: 07 November, 2011
Framework 3i Infotech Framework customer survey

From the Managing Director:
“3i Infotech Framework is delighted to report above average scores across the board in a recent client survey.  The results specifically highlighted our success in delivering high quality training and professional services; factors which are critical to our clients obtaining full optimisation of their operations and return on investment.”

Posted: 07 November, 2011
SS&C comments on LP reporting

From the posting:
"Although the industry has made clear and deliberate inroads into standardising LP reporting in recent years, some LPs believe there is still work to be done to achieve a consistent quality of reporting. Some LPs’ experiences are such that GP reporting provides insufficient data at times or, worryingly, misleading data in some other instances."

Read the full posting here

Posted: 04 November, 2011
FIS SunGard Investran to carry secondary market prices

From the press release:
"SunGard will make secondary market price data on private equity, real estate and hedge funds available from its Investran platform through a collaboration with NYPPEX Private Markets.  The secondary market price data for private investment funds will be offered on a confidential basis to help customers better manage risk and meet regulatory compliance through improved private market transparency."

Read the full press release here

Posted: 02 November, 2011
FIS SunGard Investran case study on IAG

From the case study:
"IAG sought a fully automated solution with state-of-the-art reporting capabilities that could allow the company to easily navigate the complexities associated with private equity/alternative strategies.  Additionally, the company needed to ensure that business processes would remain secure and fully transparent, even as investment volumes continued to rise."

Read the case study here

Posted: 28 October, 2011
efront - Dunedin goes live with FrontInvest Alternatives

From the press release:
"The implementation project, co-led by Dunedin and eFront, was rolled out in under 6 months and includes CRM, portfolio management, user-friendly reporting and advanced accounting.  FrontInvest now helps Dunedin streamline knowledge and resource that are valuable to a management team and business."

Read the full pres release here

Posted: 27 October, 2011
eFront endorses ILPA Best Practice Reporting

From the press release:
"eFront is pleased to announce that FrontInvest Alternatives offers standardized reporting templates from the ILPA.

Over the last year, the ILPA has been working to develop, in conjunction with LPs and GPs, a set of standardized Reporting templates to not only improve transparency between the general partner and limited partner communities but to generate industry efficiencies."

Read the eFront press release here

Posted: 26 October, 2011

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