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Welcome to the 2018 PESS Directory, which contains profiles of over 25 of the leading software and service suppliers to the private equity industry.

The Directory is organised by type of vendor as shown in the left-hand menu.  Simply click a category to view the list of vendors.

The vendor pages also show:

  • Link to Profile - which will open a 2-page pdf for the selected vendor.  This contains an overview of the vendor, their products and services, client focus, key contacts, website and other useful information. 
  • Link to News - which navigates to the PESS News page to show News items for the selected vendor.
  • Link to New York and London events - which shows which vendors are currently associated with each of our showcase events.

You can also request a copy of the full PESS Directory in pdf format by clicking the tab above and submitting your contact details.

We welcome any feedback regarding this service. Please email us at


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