eFront white paper 'From rule-taker to king-maker: What is your private equity personality?' - https://t.co/bCd10pKMCg

eFront commentary on FrontLine Research Paper 'Peering into the future: capital distributions' - https://t.co/bETlO0PZRN

eFront Paris Annual Client Forum 2018 - https://t.co/ZOBWqrT2GD

Insight GP webinar 'Streamline your current communications and data exchange', 27 September 2018 - https://t.co/DPs3eShGHd

The eFront Annual Client Forums are scheduled to take place in September/October 2018, in Paris and New York - https://t.co/PANezb1TW8

eFront event schedule - - https://t.co/u06wUlanl7

Tom Bevan joins Lionpoint Group to lead the North American Real Estate Practice - https://t.co/mrFzJ1ofPr

Nick Moore, Lionpoint Group, to speak at Simcorp International User Community Meeting (IUCM) September 18 in Milan,… https://t.co/fl9gvSxw2d

Giles Travers, Lionpoint Group, to speak at InvestOps Europe on 18 September 2018 in London - https://t.co/TlWRc2YyAv

Join Mercatus at SuperReturn Infrastructure - https://t.co/RcruyG2sCs